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Almira Labs closes a successful CTIA 2013

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Almira Labs attended as an exhibitor at CTIA Wireless. The final summary of the congress was extremely possitive. Almira Labs' booth, located at the Spanish pavilion, was visited by a massive number of companies and consumers interested in discovering our services.

In global terms, CTIA Wireless 2013 hosted more than 10.500 companies from 139 different countries and nothing less than 450.000 bussiness meetings. Las Vegas' congress connected different market stakeholders such as service providers, app developers, electronics consumers or engineers.

Finally, the organizers revealed the date of CTIA 2014. Super Mobility Week will take place from September 9 to 11 in Las Vegas' Sands Expo Convention Center. And of course Almira Labs will not be missing this event so... See you soon Las Vegas !!

Almira Labs' CEO, Javier Martín, interviewed at CTIA

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CTIA Wireless 2013 took place last May at Las Vegas and Almira Labs was one of the Spanish  exhibitors attending.

Almira Labs' delegation was leaded by the CEO Javier Martín. The website Almuerzo de Negocios interviewed Martín who pointed the following headlines:

"Having a booth at CTIA Wireless is cheaper than having one at Barcelona's trade fair"

"Almira Labs' idea is making a connection with north american market and Latin American companies. We have made several deals with Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico."

"CTIA is on the decline. There are less operators, traffic and the size is smaller, it is becoming a trade fair to sell ipad's cases and cell accesories. This is not the right way to follow”.

You can hear the full interview with Javier Martín clicking the following link:

Almira Labs featuring the priest José Pedro Manglano launch Confort Espiritual

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Just turning on the TV or the radio is enough to realize the World is riddled with sad news.  Armed conflicts, poverty, social injustices,  inequality… Society is getting farther from welfare and peace, in every sense of the word, seems to be an utopian concept.  Every day we face hard situations and most of the times we must deal with them alone.

Confort Espiritual is the guide that will bring God closer to your life transmitting all its strength to comfort our souls and get a daily spiritual peace. José Pedro Manglano, a Spanish priest who wrote ¿Se puede aprender a Sufrir o Vivir con sentido, will send voice messages to help you not feeling alone. God is always there extending his hands to you.

Manglano, who had previously launched some pioneer religious mobile applications like iMaria or iMisa, uses Almira Labs technology for this brand new service oriented to reach happiness.

To start using Confort Espiritual service and receiving Manglano’s inspiring voice messages just subscribe by calling 91 793 34 89.

Feel the daily spiritual comfort without going to church. Just answering a simple phone call a God’s word will guide you on your way to happiness.

Almira Labs to attend CTIA Wireless 2013

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CTIA Wireless 2013 will take place in Las Vegas Sans Expo & Convention Center from 21 to 23 May. More than 40.000 qualified professionals and experts on telecommunication and wireless world will be attending this year.

This fair is considered as one of the essential events for the wireless and telecommunication industry hosting over 1,000 exhibitors, and attracting more than 1,100 press and analysts worldwide.

Almira Labs is presenting their value added services based on voice after the success on previous dates in New Orleans and Orlando. Our company is one of the few Spanish exhibitors which will have their own show booth on the fair.

The new services recently added to Almira Labs' cloud-hosted app catalog will be our major innovation to show in Las Vegas. Over the three days of convention, the attendees will be able to test these services and discover our philosophy focused on targeting the service to people not to the device.

If you are interested on our services and you would like to arrange a meeting during the CTIA Wireless 2013 send us an email to

Almira Labs to attend MWC 2013

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Mobile World Congress 2013 will take place from 25th to 28th February at the new venue Fira Gran Via of Barcelona, Spain. Almira Labs will be attending to one of the largest and most important international telecommunication events.

The current edition of Mobile World Congress will have several difficulties to overcome the figures of last year MWC 2012. Approximately 67.000 assistants and over 200 nationalities took part in one of the most successful meetings.

Almira Labs will take the opportunity of this congress to reinforce its professional relationships with some of the American partners assisting. These contacts are one more step on the way to Almira Labs’ North American market entry.

As in earlier editions, Almira Labs will share in Barcelona the catalogue of value added services to enrich the communication experience by voice, video and text. One of the novelties that Almira will bring to this congress is the mobile marketing uses of its services. This tool is gaining ground in Spanish market.

Mobile World Congress 2013 is an avoidable meeting which will determine the course of telecommunication services in the future and Almira Labs could not miss this appointment.

If you are interested on our services, send us an email to and we will arrange a time to meet you during the event.

Almira Labs at the Malaga Valley Emprendedores

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The second Málaga Valley Emprendedores was held yesterday with the aim of boosting the growth of ICT companies in Malaga. The meeting was organized by Promalaga and had as speakers serveral professionals coming from the University of Texas, Eticom, SAGE and BOLT.

There was also an elevator pitch contest in which 5 companies presented their business ideas to the audience. Almira Labs was among them talking about the development of cloud-based voice services that allow users to access advanced functionality via voice from whatever phone device, no matter if it is a fixed or mobile phone.  The project had a great reception from the board who evaluated every presentation and the audience of entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Almira Labs is already participating at the Málaga Valley Emprendedores Forum as we consider it provides the expertise and visibility we need to develop our business form an international perspective. This Forum also allows us to establish contact with other entrepreneurs, to know better the ICT sector in the region and to create potential partnership relations for the development or projects.

We are looking forward to the next meeting we will not miss!

Almira Labs supports the International Day of People with Disabilities

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The United Nations observed 30 years ago the 3rd, December as an International Day of Persons with Disabilities under the theme “Full Participation and Equality”.  Since then there has been significant progress in raising awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities but nevertheless there is still need to sensitize more population for better integration of disabled people in every part of daily life.

For that reason in Málaga will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of December a special event to make this theme to a central topic in order to raise more awareness beneath and mobilize support for disability issues. The rehabilitation in work life will be one main subject during these days and representatives of ONCE, INTEGRA CEE as well as the Mayor of Málaga,  D. Francisco de la Torre, will act as spokesmen for an better integration of disabled people in society.

For this special event we from Almira Labs also contributes with our technological knowledge in telecommunications by using our service “MediaCast” to send out automatically of hundreds spoken invitations as a phone call beforehand as a special kind of  event promotion.

We from Almira Labs sponsor this commemoration with the idea to put also a special emphasis on the matter of technological discrimination of disabled people. With our unique approach of developing voice-based mobile services for everyone independently of any special mobile device or an internet connection, we want to enable visual despaired an easy access to advanced applications, like Memmori or Voice2Social. With these services it’s possible to send emails or update their Facebook or Twitter messages by voice instructions via a simple phone call.

For more information about these services, please get in contact with us:

Almira Labs reaffirms its commitment to people with disabilities sponsoring the VIII Málaga Disability Film Festival

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On the occasion of the International Day of People With Disability and what is nearly a tradition during the last seven years, the VIII Disability Film Festival will take place in Málaga on the 2nd and 3rd of December. The main goals of this event organization are helping disabled people to a better integration in the society and bring them closer to culture as an essential part of the personal growth. To achieve this purpose, the FAMF-COCEMFE of Málaga has chosen the most effective way to sensitize and raise the audience’s awareness: films.

For years, in Almira Labs we contribute with our research and development efforts to the achievement of the integration aim pursued by the Málaga Disability Film Festival, since disabled people is part of the target to which our services are addressed. The company value-added phone services for everyone philosophy enables people with disabilities to send voice messages or emails, which has been difficult for visually impaired people until now. In Almira Labs we try to overcome the barriers imposed by certain devices through our services.

In this edition, the Almira Labs cooperation with the Festival is intended to an innovative action based on one of our services through which any Festival user, fun or visitor, can post voice messages supporting the films that will be published on the Festival Facebook fun page.

Enter here, listen to posted messages and leave your own!

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